Our Past Mentor — Adeel Hashmi

Adeel Hashmi is the Co-Founder of the Faiz Festival (established in 2015). The Faiz Festival is a 3-day festival that is attended by over 25,000 people annually from across the globe. He also setup the Faiz Foundation Trust (a not-for-profit organization in his grandfather’s name) to promote art, literature and culture.

He has taught acting and speaking for 20 years before designing the Better Speaker Programme.

Adeel comes from one of the most respected families of artists in Pakistan, all of whom have been teachers too, and thus his love for teaching. He is the grandson of the poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Adeel also did a lot of work with the following in the Development Sector: UNICEF, UNESCO, The British Council & Commonwealth Broadcasting Association​​. He has also made trendsetting and award-winning advertisements for the following: Ufone, Unilever, Coca Cola & Fatima Fertilizer.

Adeel has acted in many advertisements, television productions and radio programmes. He has hosted, anchored and moderated hundreds of live events on television and on stage.

He was the only Pakistani who was invited to speak on the Role of Pakistani Youth in Shaping Political Agenda at the University of Western Australia, Perth and at the University of South Australia, Adelaide in July 2015.

Adeel has been invited as a TEDx speaker many times. His talks can be found on YouTube. He’s also a visiting faculty member at Beaconhouse National University & Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

He’s is a trained classical pianist with a grade 3 certificate from the Trinity College London. He teaches piano to young children. Adeel does farming as a hobby and believes in giving back to the soil by planting trees. He is currently the Chairman Punjab Film Censor Board, Government of Punjab and a member of the Artist Welfare Fund Committee chaired by the President of Pakistan.

ADeel Hashmi was a mentor at junior founder in 2022