Recent Event (Ramazan 2017 Summer Camp)   👉 👉 👉   Kids Entrepreneurship Workshop, June 2017, Lahore.

Junior Founder is an entrepreneurial awareness and skills development program for kids between 8 ~ 15 years.

It is characteristically designed to make kids recognise enterprise and entrepreneurship to acknowledge the role of an entrepreneur in the economy. The program aims to empower the kids to start thinking with creativity in multi-dimensions.

During the course of the program children learn business skills which they can apply to an innovative idea of their own. Integrated teaching and project-based learning helps the kids build confidence and self-esteem through discovering their abilities. The program nurtures young minds develop numerous skills including literacy, writing, research, presentation, financial, marketing, listening, creative thinking, problem solving and team building.

This three week (thrice a week) innovative program helps unbolt the brainpower of kids with a euphoria for entrepreneurship at a stage in life when they are action-packed of imagination and unfenced to abstractions.