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Workshop Details & Eligibility Criteria

– Venue: National Incubation Center Lahore (NICL) at LUMS
– Eligible Age: 8 ~ 16 years
– Start Date: Monday, July 18, 2022
– End Date: Friday, July 29, 2022
– Days: Mon ~ Fri
– Timings: 4 ~ 6 pm
– Fee: Rs. 20,000 (to be paid in advance)

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How to Register?


You can email us at takeoff@juniorfounder.com for further information.

Details are subject to change.

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Photo Album

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What is Junior Founder Summer School?

Junior Founder is an entrepreneurial awareness and skills development program for kids between 8 ~ 16 years. It is characteristically designed to make kids recognise enterprise and entrepreneurship to acknowledge the role of an entrepreneur in the economy. The program aims to empower the kids to start thinking with creativity in multi-dimensions.

During the course of the program children learn business skills which they can apply to an innovative idea of their own. Integrated teaching and project-based learning helps the kids build confidence and self-esteem through discovering their abilities. The program nurtures young minds develop numerous skills to become successful entrepreneurs. Participants build an understanding of the entrepreneurial journey by engaging in conceptually practical knowledge and relevant terminology of branding, design thinking, marketing, budgeting, pitching, creative thinking, team building and alot more through storytelling and teamplay.

This two week (Mon – Fri) innovative program helps unbolt the brainpower of kids with a euphoria for entrepreneurship at a stage in life when they are action-packed of imagination and unfenced to abstractions.

Plant the seeds of Entrepreneurship and Design by empowering kids to takeoff on a design thinking path to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions. Through different marketing, financing, digital, social skills and many other entrepreneurial tools, we mentor kids to develop a business design mindset. Through the course they shift from a problem-focused mindset to PROBLEM-SOLVING and act towards creating a preferred future. We help kids explore their innate logic, imagination, intuition and systematic reasoning to explore possibilities of bringing something new and desirable with a “wow” factor into existence. Train young minds to THINK BIG!

What will the lemonade stand of the 21st century look like? Come find out with us together in partnership with NIC @ LUMS!

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Our Worthy Mentors:

Current (2022):

To be announced soon!


Umair Jaliawala, Director, School of Leadership
Haris Nadeem, Founder, TeamAndroid.com
Saad Hamid, Founder, School of Skills
Hafsa Shorish, Program Manager, PlanX, PITB
Areej Mehdi, Research & Policy Strategist, MIT Enterprise Forum
Amna Tariq, Head of Marketing @ CricinGIF
Madeeha Hassan, Product Manager, Careem

Keep watching this space as the workshop gets more exciting!

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Workshop Location

Google Maps Link: National Incubation Center Lahore (NICL) situated at LUMS:

Featured image source: https://alfin2101.wordpress.com/

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